Audio wrestling goes old-school.

Taking it back to the old school? Oh yes we are! This coming summer, most definitely a roadblock right in the middle of the road to evil blood will be an event hosted by the original creators of the sport of audio wrestling. Clinton Waterbury, Casey Scoffield, Brad Bailey and John Nation! Old school is what the name of this event will be called. Brad Bailey makes his historic return to the sport of audio wrestling after a two year absence, and we are making it big! Advertised for this show in the main event will be the return of the group known as the young elite, machine, venom, Polgore and Ultron will team up in an eight man tag against possibly the biggest legends in the history of this game! Hall of Fame stars commandobot, poison, ClawMan Junior and the droid in an eight man wargames style elimination match. More to be announced concerning this event soon.

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