Big changes coming to evil blood this year.

As of this year, we are making some big changes to the evil blood event. First, there will be no hall of fame ceremony this year, as we feel we do not have the candidates for a proper full ceremony. Next, and most important will be the restructuring of the concert events at evil blood. At evil bloods past, we would have a handful of matches, with a contributing musician concert set in between, so on and so on throughout the night. As of this year, that will no longer be the case. We will be dividing evil blood in half. We will first be presenting the lower to mid card matches, and we will be splitting that off from the higher card matches with what will be known as the evil blood halftime show. The evil blood halftime show will be structured similarly to the way that the Super Bowl does it. In the first half of the game or so, followed by an hour of music, followed by the rest of the game. This will also be the case here. Instead of having their own segments, as of this year, contributing musicians will all share one stage, one halftime show. This halftime show will be dividing evil blood in half. Honestly, this will make it a lot easier to edit and put together for our team. Evil blood is already a tremendously large and very difficult event to put together. We figured, let’s make it a little easier on ourselves, and make it easier on the listeners. Say that you need a break in between segments of the show. Some people don’t tune in to the Super Bowl halftime show, so during that time, you can feel free to do what you need to do, then re-join us when the matches are back on. But, if you’re cool, and you love our musicians, and you’re just bad ass like that, you’ll stick around and show them some love! They’re great friends of mine. Side note. The Hall of Fame omission is not for 100% certain at this time. It is still in discussion, yet to be determined.

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