E O W 20 year collection set now available.

Today, audio wrestling celebrates 20 years of its extreme hard-core Federation. EOW! The 20 year anniversary collection box set. 96 matches, hours and hours of moments and memories! Run by audio wrestling Hall of Famer John Nation, this action packed set highlights the best of the best of the hard-core promotion. Extreme object wrestling. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ppNKXsvFAWp2KB6pTW2lKgmHuaYyQlPK

Audio wrestling goes old-school.

Taking it back to the old school? Oh yes we are! This coming summer, most definitely a roadblock right in the middle of the road to evil blood will be an event hosted by the original creators of the sport of audio wrestling. Clinton Waterbury, Casey Scoffield, Brad Bailey and John Nation! Old school is … Read more

W O W’s own, KiBaby

Ki is a dear friend of mine, and I love and appreciate her more than she probably will ever know. Audio wrestling network is proud to share her debuting podcast with anybody and everybody who would like to follow her. We first met on social media, our friendship grew into an idea, that idea grew … Read more

Happy birthday, Kasey Adams!

Happy birthday to audio wrestling Hall of Famer Kasey Adams, or as we call him in our family, Kasey Allon. In the late 90s, my cousin Kasey was the one who originally introduced me to the sport of pro wrestling. Without him, I don’t think we would have any of what we have today. Adams … Read more

Happy birthday, Clinton Waterbury!

In the history of audio wrestling, you won’t find a name any bigger than Clinton Waterbury. With a career spanning over 21 years, brand new match concepts, and original characters to his name, he is definitely one of the greatest of all time. In 2001, Clinton would debut the audio wrestling league named “Fury“. Clinton … Read more