It’s reached a boiling point.

As things reach a boiling point between UWF and WOW heading into the final stop on the road before the 10th evil blood, I think it’s safe to say, it’s all out war! UWF most certainly got the best of WOW throughout most of the night last night, crippling and potentially taking out one of … Read more

Happy birthday, Chris Douglas!

Happy birthday today to the founder of audio wrestling network, and the owner of the ultimate wrestling Federation. A true pioneer in the sport! He started our merchandise line, and had the vision to bring us up-to-date and give us our own website. With his vision, and his knowledge, we celebrate him today. Happy birthday … Read more

Ultimate Wrestling Federation repackaged

Today, UWF is announcing some exciting new changes. The company has previously run a weekly show, entitled irrefutable, but now UWF is thinking bigger than ever. The company will now be launching a monthly show instead of a weekly show with all of your favorite wrestlers on board for monthly massive king of the hill … Read more

UWF pay-per-view postponedUWF pay-per-view postponed

Due to extenuating circumstances the ultimate wrestling Federation Lethal legacy pay-per-view, which was scheduled for August 22, will no longer be taking place on the state. The pay-per-view has been moved to a future date with more details to be provided on the next episode of irrefutable. We apologize for the delay and we look … Read more