Halloween in Hell 2007 revisited.

On the day before Halloween, in 2007, 15 years ago now, WOW did our second Halloween in hell pay per view event! Culminating in a main event where the legendary Hall of Famer, and father of current WOW tag team champions Polgore and Ultron, The Droid would defend his WOW championship. He would defend his … Read more

It’s reached a boiling point.

As things reach a boiling point between UWF and WOW heading into the final stop on the road before the 10th evil blood, I think it’s safe to say, it’s all out war! UWF most certainly got the best of WOW throughout most of the night last night, crippling and potentially taking out one of … Read more

Junior lightweight division coming to WOW.

Micro professional wrestling, more commonly known as midget professional wrestling, starring athletes of a small stature will be making its 16 year awaited return to the world of wrestling, or WOW audio professional wrestling brand. This Will be its own independent, fully stacked division of talent complete with its own junior light weight championship title. … Read more

A historic rumble match.

My favorite event in the history of wrestling is none other than the royal rumble. it was definitely not our first rumble in WOW but it was the first rumble for the championship! 30 men, won championship. https://youtu.be/Iw7kFVPUbpA

Happy birthday, Jared Dickson!

In honor of Jared‘s birthday, we go back to February 26, 2008, and celebrate the debut of the character that he originally brought into the business. He is known as demon. Demon would go on to be a future world champion, tag team champion, and all-around legend, teaming with executioner, and forming the legendary 14 … Read more