New award to be given before evil blood

As previously noted, evil Blood was polled this year due to technical reasons, and because Johnny and Casey both got sick. But, next year, it’s on! It is the 10th evil Blood event. The Super Bowl of audio wrestling. And next year, we will present a brand new award at the hall of fame ceremony. … Read more

Happy birthday to a legend

Today, a legend was born. A legend, who helped shape the Audio Wrestling world. Not only is he a founding father to World of Wrestling, and the Audio Wrestling world as a hole, but he has been inducted in to the World of Wrestling Hall of Fame. Brad Baily, who was once a kid with … Read more

WOW star to appear on Irrefutable

Nilla V has confirmed that this week on UWF irrefutable, Finn devitt will face the WOW world heavyweight champion Danny miles. He is a former Intercontinental champion for WOW, one of the most popular talents, and their current world heavyweight champion. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the table against the … Read more