It’s reached a boiling point.

As things reach a boiling point between UWF and WOW heading into the final stop on the road before the 10th evil blood, I think it’s safe to say, it’s all out war! UWF most certainly got the best of WOW throughout most of the night last night, crippling and potentially taking out one of their team members headed into the highway to hell pay-per-view event! Will WOW be one member short? At the end of the night however, WOW would come back with a vengeance, beating down and chasing off team UWF. We will see what happens! Also, WOW‘s Intercontinental champion, Shelton Notts has agreed to defend his championship against the UWF heavyweight champion, Fin Devit at Highway to Hell as well. Highway to Hell, on the audio wrestling network

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