Junior lightweight division coming to WOW.

Micro professional wrestling, more commonly known as midget professional wrestling, starring athletes of a small stature will be making its 16 year awaited return to the world of wrestling, or WOW audio professional wrestling brand. This Will be its own independent, fully stacked division of talent complete with its own junior light weight championship title. For the first 15 or so years, this micro professional wrestling brand, more commonly known in our line of work as the little guys brand, was most popular in extreme object wrestling, or EOW. Run by John Nation. But unknown to most fans of our audio wrestling sport, deep in the archives of the WOW vault, there are matches in our history of these micro professional wrestlers wrestling for our brand as well. These micro professional wrestlers last wrestled in a WOW ring in November 2006 according to my recollection. EOW would sign this brand over to the WOW brand as of this past Friday. As of this past Saturday, this brand would make a small cameo appearance in the WOW archives once again, as we set up it’s full and grand return. This full return of this brand will happen next Saturday, at the WOW rumble event. Enjoy this audio wrestling Netwerk exclusive moment. When we would see two of the young stars of this resurrected brand, as well as the living legend of the micro professional wrestling roster himself, spiny guy! Watch and listen as we lay the foundation for what we hope will be a glorious return for this very unique brand of audio professional wrestling.


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