New award to be given before evil blood

As previously noted, evil Blood was polled this year due to technical reasons, and because Johnny and Casey both got sick. But, next year, it’s on! It is the 10th evil Blood event. The Super Bowl of audio wrestling. And next year, we will present a brand new award at the hall of fame ceremony. It is going to be called the Mike Wells Award. It is for people who have shown courage, heroism, bravery, it is for our loved ones. And the recipients of this award next year at the Hall of Fame ceremony that will take place the night before the 10th annual evil blood are as follows. Mike himself, Melanie Clark Vanbuskirk, Katie Silva, Arthur L. Sanchez, Gregory Lee Hill, Thomas Waterbury, Mary Kies, John Dowling Senior, Emily Anne, and Sessily Bailey. It’s for our friends, our loved ones. The audio wrestling 2022 hall of fame ceremony will take place next year, on the night before evil Blood 2022. The 10 year anniversary of the Super Bowl of audio wrestling. This will take place on the audio wrestling network. My friends, welcome! We are proud to have you.

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