Over 20 years, and still going strong. Cyborg.

Out of all of our characters that have come through our audio wrestling organizations over the years, there are actually very few who have this kind of longevity. There are very few who are still around today that were here in the beginning. One such star, is the cyborg. He’s one of the very few that can say he wrestled in the very beginning days when it was nothing more than a couple of teenage boys and a cassette player, to the modern territory days with a streaming network, merchandise and a full on digital giant production. He is a multi time champion in three different territories, he joined our Hall of Fame in 2018, and he’s still contributing to this day, and wrestling full-time. He is the cyborg! He is also one of a handful of guys in our sport that can say he has lineage in the sport of audio wrestling. His son, who goes by the name of Pegasus, competes in both the TFW developmental territory, and on the WOW main roster. Needless to say, the boots of the cyborg are going to be hard to fill!


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